List of Authors

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo
In practice leadership: Assessments can help Common Core teaching

Jill Bowdon
The Common Core’s first casualty: Playful learning

Joel Breakstone, Mark Smith, and Sam Wineburg
Beyond the bubble in history/social studies assessments

Kayla Chandler, Nicholas Fortune, Jennifer N. Lovett, and Jimmy Scherrer
What should Common Core assessments measure?

Leland S. Cogan, Nathan Burroughs, and William H. Schmidt
Supporting classroom instruction: The Textbook Navigator/Journal

Marcus Conyers and Donna Wilson
Smart moves: Powering up the brain with physical activity

John Cronin and Nate Jensen
The phantom collapse of student achievement in New York

Rachel Dale and Jimmy Scherrer
Goldilocks Discourse – math scaffolding that’s just right

Emily Davis, Steve Sinclair, and Laura Gschwend
A mentoring program drills down on the Common Core

Kristina J. Doubet, Jessica A. Hockett, and Catherine M. Brighton
A teaching makeover improves learning for diverse students

Charlotte Dunlap, Megan Webster, Kara Jackson, and Paul Cobb
Schooling leaders on the Common Core

Maurice J. Elias
Social-emotional skill can boost Common Core implementation

Valerie N. Faulkner
Why the Common Core changes math instruction

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Improve reading with complex texts

Jill Fitzgerald, Jeff Elmore, Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Heather H. Koons, Kimberly Bowen, Eleanor E. Sanford-Moore, and A. Jackson Stenner
Examining text complexity in the early grades

Karen C. Fuson, Douglas H. Clements, and Julie Sarama
Making early math education work for all children

Nancy S. Gardner and Rod Powell
The Common Core is a change for the better

Nancy S. Gardner and Nicole Smith
Math and ELA meet at the Common Core

Meg Gravil and Katherine Reynolds
Create crosswalks to bridge formal and and informal learning experiences

Samina Hadi-Tabassum
Can computers make the grade in writing exams?

Frederick M. Hess and Michael Q. McShane
Common Core in the real world

Amy Illingworth
Taking a comprehensive approach to Common Core roll out

Leslie Laud
Got voice?

Rachel Leifer and Denis Udall
Support the Common Core with the right instructional materials

Stefanie D. Livers
Teacher preparation key to Common Core success

Patricia A. Maunsell
Communication is key to Common Core

Ann Mausbach and Kim Morrison
Seeing clearly — with student work

Donna L. Miller
Got it wrong? Think again. And again.

Kavin Ming and Cheryl Mader
Trade books galore!

Chauncey Monte-Sano
Build skills by doing history

Marco A. Munoz and Thomas R. Guskey
Standards-based grading and reporting will improve education

Holly Henderson Pinter, Temple A. Walkowiak, and Robert Q. Berry, III
Time, tasks, and talk frame “opportunities to learn” mathematics

Geetha B. Ramani and Sarah H. Eason
It all adds up: Learning early math through play and games

Susan Sandler and Zaretta Hammond
Text and truth: Reading, student experience and the Common Core

Michael Schrimpf
Unpacking standards to improve instruction

Jon R. Star
Improve math teaching with incremental improvements

Laura Turchi and Ayanna Thompson
Shakespeare and the Common Core: An opportunity to reboot

Saffron VanGalder
The power of the pen – in the hand of a math teacher

Thomas M. Van Soelen
Team work boosts student learning and professional community

Temple A. Walkowiak
Information is a Common Core dish best served first