It all adds up: Learning early math through play and games

By Geetha B. Ramani and Sarah H. Eason

Playing and learning mathematics do not have to be mutually exclusive, especially in kindergarten classrooms.

A recent study has […]

Standards-based grading and reporting will improve education

By Marco A. Muñoz and Thomas R. Guskey

Making clear linkages between standards, assessment, grading, and reporting that are concisely reported work for the betterment of […]

The phantom collapse of student achievement in New York

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Results from New York’s first Common Core state tests appeared to show a big decline in student achievement. But a […]

Support the Common Core with the right instructional materials

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Finding strong instructional materials is crucial to realizing the promise of the Common Core, and there are tools available to […]

The Common Core is a change for the better

By Nancy S. Gardner and Rod Powell

Two highly skilled longtime teachers say the Common Core State Standards promise to improve teaching and learning without being […]

Why the Common Core changes math instruction

By Valerie N. Faulkner

At the heart of the Common Core standards is a move to create classroom discussions that clearly develop students’ number sense by […]