The phantom collapse of student achievement in New York

By John Cronin and Nate Jensen

Results from New York’s first Common Core state tests appeared to show a big decline in student achievement. But a […]

Support the Common Core with the right instructional materials

By Rachel Leifer and Denis Udall

Finding strong instructional materials is crucial to realizing the promise of the Common Core, and there are tools available to […]

The Common Core is a change for the better

By Nancy S. Gardner and Rod Powell

Two highly skilled longtime teachers say the Common Core State Standards promise to improve teaching and learning without being […]

Shakespeare and the Common Core: An opportunity to reboot

By Laura Turchi and Ayanna Thompson

Shakespeare’s works should continue to be prevalent in American secondary education, but teachers will have to improve their instructional methods […]

Beyond the bubble in history/social studies assessments

By Joel Breakstone, Mark Smith, and Sam Wineburg

To prepare students for assessments tied to the Common Core, teachers need tools and tests that help students […]

Text and truth: Reading, student experience, and the Common Core

By Susan Sandler and Zaretta Hammond

Prereading is alive and well in the expectations for the Common Core.

One of the rumors making the rounds of K-12 […]

R&D: Build skills by doing history

By Chauncey Monte-Sano

There’s a way for students to achieve the thinking, reading, writing, and history expectations laid out in the Common Core.

No Child Left Behind […]