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Seeing clearly — with student work

By Ann Mausbach and Kim Morrison

As 6th-grade teachers introduce a Common Core State Standard, student work provides three lenses of clarity.

After reading a fifth book […]

Trade books galore!

By Kavin Ming and Cheryl Mader

Teachers can find trade books for use with adolescent learners in a variety of content areas with a little bit […]

Time, tasks, and talk frame “opportunities to learn” mathematics

By Holly Henderson Pinter, Temple A. Walkowiak, and Robert Q. Berry, III

Analyses of classroom practices reveal useful methods of engaging students in mathematics.

Teaching mathematics is […]

Team work boosts student learning and professional community

By Thomas M. Van Soelen

A team of kindergarten teachers in rural Georgia dig deeply into student work and standards to build a common understanding of […]

Create crosswalks to bridge formal and informal learning experiences

By Meg Gravil and Katherine Reynolds

Collaboration among formal and informal educators yields rich, standards-focused early learning.

Children’s experiences outside formal classroom settings significantly affect all their […]

Teachers collaborate across state lines to design high-quality units

By Ash Vasudeva and Amy Slamp

Common Core and Literacy Design Collaborative tools provide the foundation for strengthening teaching and learning.

With states and districts implementing new […]

The power of the pen — in the hand of a math teacher

By Saffron VanGalder

Disappointed with curricula and materials, a math teacher in rural, upstate New York keeps asking questions until she is part of the team […]

Teacher preparation key to Common Core success

By Stefanie D. Livers

University supervisors are often overlooked, underprepared, and on the outskirts of teacher preparation, but they provide an important link in helping improve […]

Got voice?

By Leslie Laud

We cannot teach writing effectively without nurturing students’ voice in their writing.

Why don’t the Common Core State Standards use the term voice in […]

Unpacking standards to improve instruction

By Michael Schrimpf

Ensuring that teachers understand what hides inside each standard is a first and crucial step to helping students master each standard.

My wife and […]

Math and ELA meet at the Common Core

By Nancy S. Gardner and Nicole Smith

The Common Core’s math and English language arts standards have more in common than you might think.

Math and English […]

Schooling leaders on the Common Core

By Charlotte Dunlap, Megan Webster, Kara Jackson, and Paul Cobb

Student success on tougher assessments from the Common Core and rigorous mathematics standards requires school leaders […]